Heineken® Open Design Explorations Edition 1: The Club

Heineken opened entry to an exciting design project that invites emerging designers from New York City, São Paulo, Tokyo and Milan to become part of a creative journey to collaborate on, conceive and produce a pioneering nightclub. To inspire these 19 up-and-coming designers, Heineken and InSites Consulting have set up an online research community with over 100 clubbers from around the globe.

How to create an outstandingly enjoyable, social and memorable nightlife experience?

This interactive infographic is the conclusion of the needs, perception and experience of the clubbers. The insights challenge designers to explore solutions to issues in club design and to delight the crowd by truly understanding their motivations. In keeping the balance between triggering the senses of the individual (insights moving inwards) and encouraging social interaction (insights moving outwards), Heineken is co-creating a nightlife experience to remember.